Who needs Google, eh?

Unfortunately, most of us do. Which means our brands are often dependent on the stringent rules and ever-changing algorithm of everybody’s favourite search engine. Nowadays, it’s becoming more and more difficult to get to the top of  search results, which can be frustrating for those who’ve worked tirelessly to secure, and very much deserve, a number one spot.  But fear not, we’ve got some good news… While Google will always play a big role in customer acquisition, there are several other ways to ensure that your audience will become hooked and want to return regularly. By working on six key touch points, you can make your customers’ journeys easier, more brand-focused, and ultimately less reliant on the big G.

How to beat Google

By creating an amazing brand experience, you’ll become difficult to forget. Thus, customers will begin to return to you directly, whether it be via your wonderful regular newsletters, engaging Facebook page, or fantastic blog content.

Think of it like this: as Amazon is to books, AutoTrader is to cars and MoneySupermarket is to, well, everything, that’s how you want your business and product to be related. Brilliant brands are integrated, authoritative, and extremely trusted within their industry. And what’s more, the recognition you’ll gain from establishing yourself as the go-to place may lead to good old Google upping your ranking in the long run.

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