We are Boutique Digital, a results focused, data-led digital marketing agency based in Leeds.

We drive sales, turn our client into brand heroes, and ensure the complexities of the digital landscape are never used to confuse or baffle. A Boutique strategy will never miss a beat, it will be clear, informed, and concise, built on evolution and data, and measured on your bottom line (not ours).

In short, we cut through the noise, providing clients with what they need: a clear, intelligent and unrivalled strategy.

We have built up our digital excellence by helping some of the UK’s biggest household names to flourish online, and our methods and strategy takes the great bits we’ve learned from our digital work in the biggest agencies combined with the personality and client service you’d only ever get from a smaller, more agile operation — a great and unique combination…

We’ll improve your existing activity, guaranteed. If you’re wondering how we can make such a bold claim, get in touch to find out what we’ll do to make you the hero of your brand.

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Digital ethos

We can create the perfect strategy for you
  • Rule 1: Never bamboozle your client!

    We are huge believers that digital marketing should never be daunting, excessively convoluted or planned in isolation.

    Our ethos is simply that your digital plans should always be well thought out and an integral part of your overall strategy… Now, that’s not rocket science!

    But it is ‘marketing’ science. Fortunately, with our sister company, Boutique Media, we’re in a privileged position of having online and offline specialists shoulder to shoulder (in fact we’re proof that digital geeks and offline planners can and do regularly get on well without arguing) so whether you want to talk search, user experience, social, mobile, analytics, design or the fully-integrated schebang linking online and offline, we’re here to handle the daunting ‘science’ bit, so you get a clear, concise, and understandable strategy, that never, ever, bamboozles.

  • Rule 2: Always start with a blank piece of paper

    Whether you’re a web-based business, or more traditional bricks and mortar company, your customers still consume media across digital, mobile (growing all the time, by the way) and offline in huge quantities, and almost certainly do it without being consciously aware of what they’re up to.

    It’s because of this that any media planning must be informed by a channel-agnostic plan of attack if it’s going to work effectively, and, by building a digital strategy around this simple principle, your company will always thrive online, and digital will inevitably work harder for you (with a better result on your bottom-line, too) than if planned in isolation.

    It’s a simple approach, but one we’ve found works time and time again…

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What we do

  • PPC Management

    From effective brand uplift to extensive ecommerce DR campaigns, we're all Google Certified Professionals and have a reputation for smashing targets and squeezing every last drop of performance from a PPC campaign. Many millions of pounds managed and a decade of successful experience in PPC, there are few who can boast the skills or track record we have — in fact we're so confident, we'll guarantee an improvement on your current activity, when you partner with us — to find out more just drop us a line...

  • Strategic Display

    Whether it's performance display, remarketing or big, bold, impactful branding, we've got the experience few outside our capital can boast. From mobile, tablet and desktop, across rich media, video and HTML5, we love nothing more than joining up our display with your press, PPC and broadcast activity with a fully integrated message and truly attributed modelling to understand the real value each channel contributes and delivers.

  • Web Design & Development

    Whether it’s a new website, rich media banners, an ecommerce revamp or landing pages designed to maximise conversions, we can make sure all the best bits come together in a glorious visual package, backed up with best practice Search Engine Optimisation and usability testing to ensure we never sacrifice function, nor compromise form...

  • SEO Specialists

    Finally SEO is becoming what it was always destined to be — a measure of genuine site authority and online PR, rather than just a measure of who can buy the most dubious links for a site. We're great at the former, and shun the latter, and, unlike many SEO specialists, build from a creative base with content that sparks genuine interest and organic ranking uplift. Don't be fooled though, we're passionate geeks at heart, so love the techy stuff too.

  • Affiliate Marketing

    Getting the most from your affiliates is as important as having a good affiliate strategy from the off, and fortunately we can help you from concept and planning to management and development — making sure your affiliates compliment your other channels and work as a seamless extended sales force to drive your business forwards.

  • Analytics

    Let's face it, we wouldn’t be very good at digital marketing if we weren't a bit loved-up about numbers, and for this reason analytics makes us a bit weak at the knees... we're au fait with all manner of packages, and love nothing more than finding out why that campaign worked so well or what we can do to make your site even stickier... So if it's not your cup of tea, let us pick out the juicy bits from your analytics package that make the difference to your bottom line, we guarantee you won't regret it...

  • Mobile & Tablet

    Now it’s not strictly a marketing channel, rather a device (just like a laptop). But regardless, we’ve been doing mobile for years (right back in the days of WAP and certainly well before iPhones, when MMS was considered cutting edge!) Suffice to say we’ve advanced with the technology, and can boast having run some of the largest mobile campaigns in the UK — in fact, we don’t think there’s anyone outside our fair Capital who can claim as much experience, insight or success as us when it comes to advertising effectively on mobiles and tablets.

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Meet the Boutique Digital Directors

  •  Portrait of Elliot Jones

    Elliot Jones

    With over a decade’s experience in digital marketing and strategy, and leading digital offerings in 2 of the UK’s largest agencies, Elliot knows a thing or two about marketing online. With a ‘hands on’ approach, he likes nothing more than to share (sometimes at great length) his latest theories on the future of the web, and what the next big thing will be.

    When he’s not evangelising about digital marketing,  Elliot loves nothing more than the great outdoors (he’s a former windsurfing instructor don’t you know)… That and remaining firmly in denial about the quality of his cooking…

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  •  Portrait of Simon Bollon

    Simon Bollon

    Having started in marketing on the wrong side of the agency/client divide, Simon quickly saw the error of his ways and joined his first agency 12 years ago. He has worked in both the big network agencies and smaller challenger agencies meaning he can combine the strategic thinking and intelligence of the big agencies with the passion and ambition of a smaller entrepreneurial agency.

    When he’s not extolling the virtues of the Boutique Group he can be found training for some outrageous adventure most of us wouldn’t dream of attempting…or trying to convince us he could still be a stand up.

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Of course, these two are backed up by a team of experts, hand picked for their skills, and, as importantly, their fit with the Boutique approach to service and delivery

If you think you’ve got what it takes to become part of Boutique Digital, get in touch with us for a confidential chat…

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As a division of the Boutique Marketing Group our client experience is vast.

From seamless online / offline integration to super-profitable DR campaigns, we know we can not only make your online activity work harder for you, but also help you understand the impact it has on the rest of your business — so what are you waiting for?

If you want to know more about what we have done in your sector drop us a line or give Elliot a ring on 0113 394 8993.

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Just a short walk from the train station, we’re in the creative heart of Leeds, surrounded by good pubs and like minded professionals. Just head to Bridgewater Place and turn right, keep going past the Midnight Bell Pub, and we’re  behind the Round Foundry Media Centre, in Marshall’s Mill (the big mill shaped building!)…

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